Are you and your business ready for the technology of 2011?

I know that at times it can seem all too technical and complicated as things like social media emerge with new information every day, but for small businesses it’s actually a very good thing!

The communication barriers that social media has opened up are amazing, but some things will remain the same…If you want to be competitive as a small business, you still need to be found, as well as technologically equal to everyone else in the game.

Yes, some things have changed. But SEO is still extremely important, and you must be able to play the game on everybody’s turf! Mobile media is today! The rules are similar, but you must be there when and if they change if you want to keep up!

6 Essential Tips for Small Businesses
(& Search Engine Optimization)

1. Content Creation.

It is important that your content not only be useful to the eye of your customer, but it must be found in “Key Word” searches. We’ve already done the research to enable us to design your site for enhanced viewing.

2. Local Search.

The importance of Local Search is phenomenal! Research has proven that people will always return to local search efforts with Google Places for their trusted results. We are proficient in creating a website that puts you on top!

3. Keyword Phrase Utilization.

I used to be that Keywords were important… Well now it’s Keyword Phrases! It is important now to not only brand your name, but brand your name and service or services.

4. Mobile Availability.

Being Mobile ready is no longer a futuristic thought. It’s NOW, and if you’re not there, you’re losing customers. Consumers want results, and they want them fast!

5. Website Load Speed.

It has been found that if your website loads too slowly, people will click away from it, taking their business to someone else’s site! Not only that, but search engines will not rank it if it loads slow.

6. Building Links.

Proper linking through many different arenas, will give your website a higher ranking. Knowing when and where to infuse this into your website is essential.

The Worst Number to Use in Business

Are you aware of the fact that one certain number can affect the way you do business…or not.  I know, you think it’s zero.  Well that’s almost right.

The worst number these days to use is one.  This is because if you just use only one resource for advertising, one source for lead generation, or just one number for phone calls, -both personal & business, etc.  Depending on just one source for everything that keeps you afloat is dangerous, especially in today’s economy.

Things are changing as I write this, and you must be smart if you want to succeed.  Smart business owners are finding that offline and online marketing together is a profitable way to build a system that serves people best.  Building leads on a regular basis is what’s it’s all about.  There’s no room for loose ends when it comes to building revenue, and what you get is also peace of mind.

Start moving your business in the right direction today-

1.  Write down all of the different ways, leads & prospects find you or your business now.

2.  Which of those sources bring the most results.  Do you depend mainly on one source?

3.  Start creating a list of ways that you could generate leads that would be more cost

4.  On your calendar, create a system that enables you to build a new lead generation
tactic each month.

5.  After you’ve begun to put your ideas into motion, pat yourself on the back!  It works!

I promise that if you take the time to follow the 5 steps above,  your business will improve.  What really matters is that you will be generating more leads and business than you did before.  Remember, it doesn’t happen overnight.

With patience and persistence, you will create a marketing system that you can depend on, even with the economic turmoil of today!